College Football Blitz, Week 2: Lamar Jackson is the best in the country

CHAPEL HILL, NC - SEPTEMBER 09: Lamar Jackson /
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One thing that we learned in Week 2 of the college football season was that Lamar Jackson is still the best football player at the collegiate level

This past weekend the 2017 college football season rolled on with Week 2 action, and really, it did not disappoint. The second-week slate looked very good on paper and it did in fact deliver like many of us imagined it would have.

So let’s get right into some of the takeaways from the weekend, as this week we’re going to skip the usual Group of 5 section to talk about the king of the independents itself, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Well, more specifically, it’s (unfortunately) time to address Brian Kelly for the first time this season.

Notre Dame: Brian Kelly is still a first class jerk

It literally only took two weeks of the college football season for Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly to remind everyone that he can be a downright awful human being many times. Saturday night in South Bend — well, at least we think that was South Bend — Kelly and Notre Dame suffered their first loss of the season, dropping a one-point game to the Georgia Bulldogs of the SEC. Having failed their first test of the season, you knew that tensions were going to be at a high with Kelly, and he showed that with this very nice, very polite answer to a reporter’s postgame question.

Ah, yes, there’s the Brian Kelly that everyone knows and … well, hates, for the most part.

Now to somewhat his credit, the Notre Dame head man did offer up an apology on Tuesday.

Apology or not, enough is enough with Brian Kelly and his little tantrums, and you know some day he’s going to push that envelope too far. Matter of fact, it’s surprising it hasn’t happened already.