Brad Wing whiffs on the tackle to stop a punt return TD (Video)


New York Giants punter Brad Wing failed to stop rookie returner Jamal Agnew from scoring an 88-yard touchdown.

The New York Giants have had a rough go of it so far on Monday Night Football. That did not get any better when Brad Wing completely whiffed in an attempt to stop another touchdown.

The Detroit Lions have taken it to the Giants. While the game was within reach for a while, rookie returner Jamal Agnew changed that in a few seconds. Agnew returned a Brad Wing punt for 88 yards for the touchdown.

The run itself is a thing of beauty. Agnew weaved in and out of Giants players, including the long snapper and the punter. In the case of the punter, Agnew almost forced Wing to leave his shoes on the turf.

The images below show just how badly the Giants punter missed the tackle. He never had a chance at stopping the touchdown.

The punt return likely took the game out of range for Eli Manning and crew with the way their defense has been playing in addition to the disappearing act Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall are pulling on the field. It doesn’t help that the Lions have had some fantastic bounces.

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The Giants have a lot of work to do to get back to being a good team. The first step is certainly not relying on their punter to make the saving play of the game. The team just has to step up in critical situations. If they don’t, it will be a long year for fans who wear blue.