Joel Embiid perfectly pokes fun at Kevin Durant’s little Twitter mishap

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 25: Philadelphia 76ers center
PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 25: Philadelphia 76ers center /

Kevin Durant’s fake Twitter account was discovered on Monday, so leave it up to Joel Embiid to make some light of the situation.

Quite the situation developed on Monday involving Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant. You see, it seems as if KD allegedly created an alternate Twitter account for himself where he can log on and pose as a fan to try and take down the many trolls that he faces. Probably a little bit of an embarrassing scenario for Durant, which of course has led to many people making light of it all for their own amusement throughout the day.

Well, when it comes to making light of things and poking fun at situations, especially on Twitter, let’s be honest here and say that few do it better that Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers. Embiid has proven himself to be a master of social media the past few years, so of course, he was at it again.

Monday night just as the whole Durant thing was beginning to blow over just a bit, Embiid opened it all up again by cracking one of the best jokes we’ve seen about it all thus far.

That hashtag is just downright hilarious and really says it all about what went on with Durant Monday and his activity on Twitter.

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It’s such a joy whenever we get reminded just how good Embiid is at social media trolling. The man really just gets “it,” and we should all be so lucky to be as good at it as him. He can even incorporate the misfortune of another NBA superstar into his trolling, showing how versatile he can be at this whole trolling thing.