Chris Johnson’s customized Tupac ‘Juice’ cleats are divine

(Photo by: 2017 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images)
(Photo by: 2017 Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images) /

Customized cleats are all the rage in the NFL these days and on Sunday, Cardinals running back Chris Johnson will be taking things to another level with a Tupac tribute.

Ever since the NFL announced it would be loosening up its rules on customized cleats, players have hopped on that train and taken full advantage.

Just last week, we saw several stars like Von Miller, Josh Norman and Dak Prescott wearing spike-studded cleats in a variety of colors.

On Sunday against the 49ers, Cardinals running back Chris Johnson will be taking things up a healthy notch by sporting Tupac-themed cleats inspired by the 1992 cult classic, Juice.

Yes, you best believe that Omar Epps aka “Q” is also prominently featured right next to Bishop.

According to TMZ, the designer of the cleats, Desmond “Skilz” Jones, claims it took him 10 hours to create the spirited tribute. He also said Johnson apparently plans to wear them during the game.

However, despite the NFL’s aforementioned loosened rules this season, I don’t see a Nike, Adidas or Under Armour logo anywhere on these things. So unless something changes, the absence of a league-sanctioned shoe brand means the juice on CJ’s feet will sadly only make it through pregame warmups.

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Plus, it’s probably a safe guess to assume that Roger Goodell and his fine feathered friends won’t be so keen on “You Got Da Juice” either. But that doesn’t matter because Goodell already has the easy way out — his favorite! — thanks to the fact that “Skilz” didn’t use an approved shoe brand (or any brand at all).

Still, in two games this season, Johnson has 23 carries for a paltry 61 yards. So if a little inspiration from Bishop and Q is what it takes for him to make a Week 4 splash, it might be worth the fine to say screw it and wear them anyway.

While we’re here, please enjoy this highly conservative postgame outfit from CJ in Week 2.

It’s honestly difficult to tell where his chains end and the graphic on his t-shirt begins, though I must say, the belt buckle and pants are top notch.

Fun Fact: When Bishop shoots Steel in Juice, he’s also shooting affable student Sams from Lean On Me.

Very unfair!