Rockies Greg Holland declines option: Fantasy Fallout?

Greg Holland had a great bounce-back season for the Rockies in 2017. But, after declining an option that would have seen him stay in Colorado, what is the fantasy fallout of the news?

Greg Holland was one of the more intriguing players heading into the 2017 season, as the Rockies took a gamble on the veteran after he missed the previous season with a torn UCL. He took the closing gig from season’s start and finished with a solid 3.61 ERA/41 SV/70 K/1.15 WHIP line.

His 41 SV were tied for the leagues best, and for the first four months of the season, he was arguably the best reliever in MLB. The only reason his ERA was inflated was due to a horrid Aug. where his ERA was 13.50, and where he battled a freak kitchen accident. Other than that, his ERA never hovered past 2.25.

All things considered, he more than answered the bell for the Rockies, and for fantasy owners. The most important thing that everyone wanted to see from Holland was how well, if at all, did he retain his stuff from his standout seasons in Kansas City.

The answer was encouraging considering he had TJ surgery not too long ago. Holland’s fastball was down to 94 mph, a two mph drop from 2014, but still solid. But, his slider was the key. His slider did not miss a beat, and it was just as nasty as ever. Further evidenced by the .119 AVG that batters posted against the pitch.

In terms of stuff. Holland checked off the box for those that were worried he would not regain his form. His peripherals were decent as well.

He posted a career-low 13% LD rate and turned in a solid 42% GB clip. His 45% FB rate was a career worst, and something that most would think would be problematic at Coors, but he navigated around it will only surrendering seven homers this season.

Holland would be better served if he found himself in a better pitcher’s ballpark of course next season, but even if the Rockies were somehow able to retain him, he would be a top-8 fantasy RP next season still. If he could find his way on to another good ballclub, and in a more favorable pitching situation, he could jump near the top-5.

Holland had a tremendous season, and the farther he is removed from surgery the better he should be. The stuff is still there to make batters miss, and he will surely be in a more favorable ballpark next season.

Believe in Holland’s bounce back and monitor where he lands in 2018.