How would we improve the Dunk Contest and 3-Point Contest?

SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 17: Donovan Mitchell
SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 17: Donovan Mitchell /

On the last episode of Fastbreak Breakfast we notably ignored a lot of the news in regards to the All-Star teams and reserves. But there’s no reason for us to continue to be snobs about the snubs, so we invited Joey Devine (@joeydevine) and Sean Keane (@seankeane) to break them down for our latest release.

Sean and Joey are writers and comedians and have their own NBA podcast, Roundball Rock, and as long-suffering Warriors fans they will offer no sympathy to anyone complaining about Golden State getting four All-Stars. We examine the LeBron and Steph squads, try to guess who the last picks probably were and pick who we want to see in the Dunk Contest and 3-Point Shootout.

Also covered:

  • Why do we actually think the All-Star player draft wasn’t televised?
  • What mascots would we assign to Team Steph and Team LeBron?
  • Is there any way to correct smaller market players consistently being snubbed in favor of players in the largest cities?
  • The Dunk Contest undergoes minor tweaks every few years. What major tweaks could make it way more compelling?
  • Sean and Joey play a Game of Scones to see how well they remember former Dunk Contest participants.
  • Would the 3-Point Contest be improved by imposing a height minimum?

Also, unrelated to the All-Star festivities, how do we feel about the new NBA “City” jerseys? Is Miami’s #Vice jersey one of the best jerseys ever, or merely pandering to those of us who remember the 80s?

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