NBA Powerless Rankings: Why is Markelle Fultz still missing shots?

PHILADELPHIA, PA - MARCH 26: Markelle Fultz
PHILADELPHIA, PA - MARCH 26: Markelle Fultz /
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PHILADELPHIA,PA – MARCH 26 : Robert Covington
PHILADELPHIA,PA – MARCH 26 : Robert Covington /

3. Oh no! He missed again!

Markelle Fultz played a lot of basketball last night, so it’s only natural that he missed some shots. That’s part of the basketball give and take. You make an offering to Baskula The God of the Baskets, and sometimes she accepts. Other times she takes your offering, grabs a baskoblade and carves your initials in the sky before setting it alight and saying “no” in a firm but polite voice.

Fultz is a rookie, so maybe he just did his offering in an incorrect way. I’ve never been able to do it well myself, so I can understand. But that said, Fultz missed more shots than he made. That’s not a great look. And if you ignore the ones he did make? It gets really bad rapidly. Let’s continue doing that.

Here is Markelle Fultz missing a shot again. He spun around really quick at one point, so maybe he was dizzy. I’ve been dizzy before. It’s no fun. Sometimes I fall down. Sometimes I fall down real hard. One time I hit my head on a rock.

There was a pause there. Was that a run-of-the-mill double clutch attempt to avoid a block? Or was that that hitch in his shot that we saw so much of earlier this season? Or worse still, was that him reliving the time he got his arm caught in a dog and briefly lost the ability to move it? It’s difficult to say.

The important part is that he missed. This Fultz return game is looking less and less auspicious by the moment.