What comes next for the Lakers and their promising young core?


After a discouraging five year run for a franchise unaccustomed to discouraging five year runs, the Lakers seem to have righted the ship. Led by a host of promising young players, they will finish with their best record since 2012-13. Their fan base is brimming with optimism not just because of the potential of their current squad but because they have grand designs of netting at least one marquee free agent this coming off-season.

But are the dreams in La La Land outpacing reasonable expectations?. Can the unique skillsets of Lonzo Ball and Julius Randle mesh in the modern NBA? Are Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzma foundational pieces or novelty acts? Do any of these players project to be All-Stars?

To address these questions, Pete Zayas (@lakerfilmroom) joins the latest episode of Fastbreak Breakfast. Pete creates video breakdowns for Forum Blue and Gold and co-hosts the Laker Film Room podcast. In addition to analyzing the potential of the young core, he addresses the following topics:

  • What has changed about Luke Walton from the beginning of the season until now?
  • After starting 11-27, would the Lakers have handled their season differently if they still owned their 2018 draft pick?
  • How much confidence does he have in the Magic Johnson/Rob Pelinka front office?
  • What are the team’s realistic free agency plans?
  • Is Ball a supercharged Nick Calathes?

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