Jacksonville Jaguars jersey leak: Grading the new look

NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 6: Allen Robinson
NASHVILLE, TN - DECEMBER 6: Allen Robinson /

The Jacksonville Jaguars have new jerseys coming this year, but are they better than the previous edition? We run down the grade for this look.

On Monday, the Tennessee Titans’ new look leaked out to the internet, and the reaction was mixed. The Titans aren’t changing the colors of their jersey, but the number font is changing to a more edgy look.

Meanwhile, we are all waiting to see what the Jacksonville Jaguars’ new jerseys are going to look like … well, kind of. The uniforms appear to have leaked out on the internet, and while we can’t be certain that these are the new duds, it seems to be reliable. In that vein, are they better or worse than the uniforms Jacksonville wore in the AFC Championship Game a few months ago?

It’s only one opinion, but the Jaguars are getting a serious upgrade here. First and foremost, the franchise is finally getting rid of those ridiculous two-tone helmets, which might be one of the worst uniform ideas in North American sports history. It seems Jacksonville is going to throw it back to the original all-black helmets, which should make the look much cleaner from the start.

As for the top and pants, again, it looks solid. Literally. The Jaguars are going to have three different uniforms, including an all-teal number. It might be tough to feel like a ferocious tackler rocking that thing, but it’s not bad when you consider the other alternate uniforms in NFL history. Just ask the Seattle Seahawks and their electric green mess from earlier in the decade.

Jacksonville might not be going for an iconic, classic look like the ones in Green Bay and Pittsburgh, but that’s fine. The Jaguars were born in 1995, so there’s no need to worry about being a throwback. It’s perfectly acceptable to go with a new-age look.

If the Jaguars keep winning, and keep bringing in out-sized personalities in men like Jalen Ramsey, the merchandise will continue flying off the shelves. With the team getting better, this is the right time to go for a rebrand, leaving those woeful years … and uniforms … far in the past.

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What’s the verdict?

Grade: B+

Jacksonville could have broken up some of the color block by putting white pants with the home uniforms instead of going all black, but that’s alright. If that’s the biggest complaint, it’s a nice job by the designers.