These athletes are just as obsessed with Fortnite as you are

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Almost as if out of nowhere, Fortnite suddenly became the most talked about video game in the world. Everyone was streaming it, and everyone was obsessed with it.

A battle royale game that drops 100 people onto a map with no weapons and forces them to collect weapons, build shelters and survive a constantly shrinking circle of doom, the game ends with one survivor who is the winner. It can be played individually, with friends or even with a squad of random people.

Intense, nerve-wracking and a lot of fun, Fortnite being free to play and on multiple platforms made it extremely accessible and extremely popular. Sure, it doesn’t have the best graphics and it sometimes has weird glitches, but being fun is all that really matters sometimes, right?

The game, however, has gone beyond normal popularity.

Celebrities are playing it, talking about it and streaming it.

Go back 20 or even 10 years and the only way we know that a celebrity enjoys a specific video game would be, what, a brief mention on an episode of MTV’s Cribs?

Social media and, to a slightly lesser extent, Twitch, have allowed fans and celebrities to interact and get to know both the celebrity and their favorite video games in a way that it just did not before — and it’s massively successful.

Don’t believe me? There was a night when Drake decided to play Fortnite with a popular streamer, Ninja, and it was all anyone online was talking about. Twitter, especially, was flooded with memes, jokes and conversations surrounding Drake and Ninja playing Fortnite and what felt like nothing else.

Drake’s stream quickly earned hundreds of thousands of views in a short time. However, Drake is not the only celebrity who plays.

Here are a few professional athletes who are absolutely obsessed with Fortnite.