The Enes Kanter and Steven Adams are still thick as thieves


The Oklahoma City Thunder traded Enes Kanter in September to land Carmelo Anthony. Luckily, Kanter doesn’t appear to hold a grudge.

For two-and-a-half seasons, Enes Kanter was an integral part of what the Oklahoma City Thunder did. Sure, his defense led a lot to be desired. But the man got buckets and boards, and his scoring off the bench was a reliable tool for Oklahoma City. However, the most important thing Kanter offered was his ebullient chemistry with fellow mustachioed large man, Steven Adams.

The bond between the two was unshakable, one of the most powerful forces in the league. Their friendship even helped launch a web series focused on their dry humor and silky facial hair.

Unfortunately, the duo wasn’t to spend the rest of their careers together. When the Thunder had the opportunity to land Carmelo Anthony from the New York Knicks just before the season began, Kanter was part of the price for a deal they had to make. Ironically, Anthony has struggled mightily and one could make an argument that Kanter’s reliable all-offense, no-defense game could have been just as useful to Oklahoma City this season.

The Thunder now find themselves with their backs against the wall, down 3-1 to the Utah Jazz and facing elimination in a Game 5 at home. They could use all the support they can get and Kanter made the trip to be there for his former bros.

Kanter may not be able to help his former team on the court, but sitting close and cheering loudly could be just the thing they need to get their mojo back. Once a mustache brother, always a mustache brother.

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Game 5 between the Thunder and Jazz tips off at 9:30 p.m. EST and can be seen on NBA TV. Keep an eye out for Kanter and his big smile.