Daniel Bryan might actually be wrestling a full-time WWE schedule

Photo courtesy: WWE.com
Photo courtesy: WWE.com /

It’s being indicated that Smackdown wrestler Daniel Bryan is currently wrestling on a full-time schedule due to being advertised for most upcoming Smackdown live events.

It’s been indicated that Daniel Bryan is wrestling on a full-time schedule, despite speculation that he may wrestle on a part-time basis. Daniel Bryan is currently advertised for most upcoming Smackdown live events, including a United Kingdom tour that’s going on next week. The only events that Bryan isn’t advertised for as of this moment are the house shows in Tokyo, Japan on June 29 and July 1.

This may come as a surprise due to the fact that Bryan was not medically cleared to wrestle in WWE for nearly three years. With Bryan currently working a full schedule, it’s going to be pretty interesting how his character will be booked moving forward. It may be a surprise to some if Bryan continues to work main event programs for a long period of time, let alone being cleared to wrestle full time. But despite working a hefty schedule, does it really indicate that WWE sees Bryan as a huge asset to the company? Or does WWE use him as a way to just cater to a vocal “hardcore” fanbase?

His past injuries have to be taken into consideration if WWE realistically has big plans for him in the future. Especially since over the years, WWE has been much more conscious of their performers’ health and well-being, which is a good thing. What would happen if Bryan gets another major injury, specially another concussion-related injury? Will that mark the end of his WWE career for good?

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Despite all this, Bryan is still very popular among WWE fans, so it would be foolish not to capitalize on that. It’s going to be pretty interesting, to say the least, to see what the future holds for Bryan’s career now that he’s apparently working a full schedule.