Big Fan on Campus: LSU fans create intimidating atmosphere in win vs. Georgia

The LSU Tigers took down the Georgia Bulldogs and LSU’s fans had a huge hand in how intimidating Death Valley was for the Bulldogs.

Death Valley is routinely one of the toughest college football venues to play in. The Georgia Bulldogs got to figure that out firsthand today as the LSU Tigers took down the No. 2 team in the country in stunning fashion.

A huge part of the difficulties of playing against LSU in their own stadium comes from how intense their fans can be. Today against Georgia, the Tiger faithful were certainly some of the most engaged fans in the country. From start to finish, the LSU Tigers went after the Georgia Bulldogs. LSU’s fans did the same thing right from the stands.

LSU was able to knock down the No. 2 Georgia Bulldogs thanks to a strong first half start that created a 16-0 advantage at the half. In the second half, Georgia was fighting an uphill battle and had to handle a rather raucous environment in the process.

Clearly, Georgia couldn’t do that.

The Bulldogs attempted a comeback and put 16 points up on the board in the second half. However, that was way too little and far too late. LSU added three points in the third quarter and 17 points in the fourth, putting away Georgia and exciting the Tigers’ fans in the process.

And it didn’t take long for those fans to end up right on the field. For the first time in years, LSU’s fans stormed the field. That’ll earn them a fine from the Southeastern Conference, but it’s made for some great pictures after a huge win.

LSU got a huge victory here today. The Tigers would not have been able to do it had their fans not been as engaged in this game. Taking down the No. 2 team in the country was a huge feat and it was accomplished in part because of how loud Tiger Stadium was.

The Tigers will have a couple of tough games coming up ahead of them and both of them are at home. A physical Mississippi State Bulldogs team will be in Death Valley next weekend and then the Alabama Crimson Tide heads down to Baton Rouge to start November. If Death Valley’s crowd can be as rowdy in those games as it was today, then both Mississippi State and Alabama will have a rather tough challenge ahead of them.