WWE NXT UK recap for April 24, 2019: Tales from Axxess, Pt. 2

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Forgot about Ray

Toni Storm’s celebration of herself being champ is interrupted by someone she glaringly omitted from her stump speech: Kay Lee Ray. Awkward. Ray has been rolling since coming to NXT UK, and she continues to do so in this match with Xia Li in y3et another match that serves to get over the UK talent while not making their opponent look like a total chump, unless your name is Kona Reeves.

Another aside: Against all odds — wouldn’t really call it a “common” name — there are two Xia’s in WWE, Li and Brookside. While we never want wrestlers to have to change their names, you can see it being a little confusing. After all, the listing for this episode on the WWE Network — as of writing — says “Kay Lee Ray battles Xia Brookside.” The next Worlds Collide event should have Xia vs. Xia in a Loser Leaves Xia match.

Li impresses, no doubt. Everything she does looks super smooth, especially her kicking attacks. There’s also a moment where she does a snapmare, but has to gain a few feet of air just to have enough momentum to flip Ray over. It looks cool, and Li should stick around in WWE.

Ray, however, is on a tour of domination, one that seems like it might culminate with a shot at the women’s title. The end of the match comes when Ray dodges a Li attack off the turnbuckles, slaps her, kicks her in the head and hits the Widow’s Peak for the three-count. Storm is probably going to wish she wrote down the names of everyone beforehand.