Marta breaks record for most goals in World Cup history

Marta dispatched a late penalty to put Brazil ahead 1-0 against Italy in the final Group C game of the Women’s World Cup and she is now the highest-scoring player in World Cup history.

Germany striker Miroslav Klose previously held the record, but Brazil’s No. 10 Marta has shattered it. The record-breaking six-time Player of the Year added another record to her resume, scoring her 17th World Cup goal.

Marta now has more goals than anyone in the history of the World Cup, regardless of gender, and the case can be made that she is the greatest soccer player in history.

Marta has scored so many wonderful goals in her career, but her record-breaking 17th World Cup goal was a straightforward penalty finish.

She converted coolly from the spot to give Brazil a 1-0 lead over World Cup darkhorses Italy, sending world-class keeper Laura Giuliani, who pulled off the save of the tournament to deny Debinha earlier in the game, the wrong way.

The “GOAT” emoji is more than appropriate for Marta, who has won more Player of the Year awards than anyone in history.

Marta is basically automatic from the spot, and this is her second penalty goal of the tournament in as many games; she also scored in Brazil’s 3-2 loss to Australia last week.

There will be many more World Cup goals to come for Marta, who is still just 33 and may even have one more World Cup left in her to extend her record. But this is a pivotal year for Brazil.

Despite all of their attacking talent and success, they’ve never won the World Cup and are desperate to prove that their country should continue to invest in women’s soccer.

Players like Marta, Cristiane, Debinha, Andressa, and Formiga are among the best in the game, and there are so many more wonderful women’s soccer players in Brazil who could get opportunities with more access and resources.

When Marta was subbed in the 83rd minute after giving Brazil the lead, the crowd in France gave her a well-deserved ovation for breaking the World Cup record. She truly is beyond superlatives.