WWE NXT UK preview: Nov. 7, 2019

Gallus will challenge Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships on the October 17, 2019 edition of NXT UK. Photo: WWE.com
Gallus will challenge Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships on the October 17, 2019 edition of NXT UK. Photo: WWE.com /

Previewing the Nov. 7, 2019 episode of NXT UK, featuring Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster taking on Grizzled Young Veterans, and an “Up Close” interview with Piper Niven

Another rematch for a match we already saw a little while ago? What is this, the WWE?

Yes, after their NXT UK Tag Team Championship match about two months back, the now former champs, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster, will once again step into the ring with the now former former champs, Grizzled Young Veterans. Only this time there’s ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. ON THE LINE.

Actual championship belts stripped from the situation, we’re now completely focused on the same concern that hung over that previous match: which of these teams had a fluke title reign?

Andrews and Webster both won and successfully defended the tag titles in front of a hometown Cardiff crowd. The second they left those friendly confines however, Gallus chewed them up, spit them out, and took their gold. Was the Andrews and Webster title run just a fluke?

On the other side, Grizzled Young Veterans became inaugural champions following a superb match against British Strong Style, before defending their gold a grand total of four times over six months. One of those defenses was against a hastily assembled team, one should have been a loss before it ended in a no contest, and one was the triple threat where they dropped the titles to Andrews and Webster. Then, they went and lost their rematch in a straight up tag match with no third team to get in the way. Was the Grizzled Young Veterans title run just a fluke?

For nothing more than pride, a mark in the win column, and bonafide number-three status in the tag team division, these teams go at it once more. At the least, it’s nice that there seems to be actual things going on in the NXT UK tag team division for a change.

Also happening on this episode, an “Up Close” interview with Piper Niven. Seeing as Rhea Ripley is taking her face turn to NXT Prime and Toni Storm is nothing more than a missing person on a milk carton at the moment, a huge void that has opened up in the NXT UK women’s division. NXT UK needs a top face to challenge Kay Lee Ray. It seems only natural at this point that it would be Niven who assumes that role. Why else would they be devoting a special interview segment to her?

But, while we’ve certainly seen Piper Niven in a good deal of action since her debut, we really don’t know too much about her. Does she have a favorite animal? What is her favorite curse word? Blur or Oasis? The basics. Hopefully the disembodied hand of an NXT UK interviewer asks some tough but fair questions, so we can begin to better understand Niven and why we should root for her.

How to watch

Date: Thursday, Nov. 7

Time: 3:00 pm ET, re-air at 9:00 pm ET

Live stream: WWE Network

Which tag team is the more legitimate one? Does Piper Niven have any hidden talents? Tune in to tonight’s episode of NXT UK to find out!