NXT UK recap, Nov. 7: Faction Action!

Killer Kelly takes on Isla Dawn on the Nov. 7, 2019 edition of NXT UK. Photo: WWE.com
Killer Kelly takes on Isla Dawn on the Nov. 7, 2019 edition of NXT UK. Photo: WWE.com /
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The Russo-Scot Alliance

Nice cliffhanger, right? So, the two factions of three stand across from each other in the ring, looking to throw hands because of course, the ring is where you do that kind of thing on a wrestling TV show. Six guys who love to fight, three to a side. Except, doesn’t Imperium have four members? Oh right, there’s the WWE United Kingdom Champion WALTER, he’s in Imperium too and comes out to give his guys an edge.

A one man disadvantage for Gallus then looks like it will balloon to two, as the traditional Russian entrance music of Ilja Dragunov hits. Dragunov has been heavily recruited by Alexander Wolfe over the last several episodes. Tactics have included Wolfe subbing in for an injured Dragunov for a match, an improper benefit that would make the NCAA’s head spin. Being that Dragunov is an intense European wrestler, it makes sense that he would join up with a gang of intense European wrestlers.

At this point, Imperium are visibly happier than they’ve ever been. Wolfe in particular is straight up gleeful. But then, something they didn’t anticipate happens. Dragunov starts sniffing the air and clearly catches wind of a scent he doesn’t like. Maybe it’s the odor of whatever product Fabian Aichner uses to shine his head, maybe it’s pre-meditated theatrics, who knows. At any rate, Dragunov then changes sides, becomes an honorary Glaswegian, and stances up with Gallus to fight.

Fight they do, until the episode ends like 20 seconds later without even the courtesy of Tom Phillips informing us we are desperately out of time. Rude. At least WWE posted a photo showing that the Gallus-Dragunov alliance seemed to stand tall.

Love that Mark Coffey is celebrating like he just threw down a solid 8.0 windmill in the NBA Dunk Contest. Who knows exactly where this will lead, but when two groups of four stand across from each other menacingly in November, you automatically assume it’s leading to them doing a War Games. If so, hopefully they can bring William Regal out to announce it for a special one-time appearance. Otherwise, Johnny Saint announcing via tweet is going to feel very anticlimactic.