Soccer clubs are apparently making deals through a transfer dating app

Now Arsenal can have new ways to “almost” sign star players, as soccer clubs are reportedly using a new app for transfer deals.

Often dubbed “silly season” by fans, the soccer transfer market is a time of rumors, speculation, and “almosts.” Look no further than Timo Werner’s reported transfer from RB Leipzig to Chelsea, when it seemed like Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool were clearly in the driver’s seat.

Transfers are tricky business involving many sub-negotiations between players and clubs, clubs and managers, clubs and other clubs, and, of course, agents – sometimes multiple agents representing the same player.

Clubs are now finding a streamlined way to enter negotiations and find bargain buys on the transfer market. They are using “Transfer Room”, an online portal akin to a speed dating app, per The Evening Standard’s Tom Dutton.

More than half of the Premier League’s clubs, including Arsenal and Everton, are involved, paying thousands of pounds a month to use this service. Virtual meetings lasting at a maximum of 10 minutes take place in these online chat rooms, where executives can engage in transfer talks directly with clubs instead of having to go through agents.

The future of soccer transfers is set to evolve with technological innovations such as “Transfer Room,” but the complexities of wheeling-and-dealing are unavoidable. Superagents such as Mino Raiola know how to get the best deals for themselves – and apparently their clients – and they represent the world’s top players like Paul Pogba and Matthijs de Ligt.

So clubs still have to negotiate with the Raiola’s of the world, regardless of this app. But “speed dating” sounds like a great way for clubs to sign hidden gems and quickly make key signings from other leagues, where it may be more difficult for them to find contacts or the right agent to go through for a deal.

Saving money and time with the thrills of “speed dating” sounds great, but it’s still up to teams to identify talent and make the right offer. Even on a dating app, surely Arsenal can find ways to claim they’ve “nearly” signed a superstar years later.