Unbelievably Byron Buxton is hurt yet again

Byron Buxton apparently suffered yet another injury Monday.

Byron Buxton was drafted No. 2 overall by the Minnesota Twins in the 2012 MLB Draft and was instantly a top prospect in the game. So why has he only appeared in 393 games since his MLB debut in 2015?

Injuries have been the problem. Buxton’s only full season came in 2017 when he won a Gold Glove and posted a 5.0 WAR. He has followed that up by appearing in a combined 115 games the past two seasons.

Buxton was back and healthy in 2020 and a part of the Twins’ player pool for the shortened season. In a bit of terrible news, he seemed to suffer a significant injury Monday in an exhibition game.

Byron Buxton’s season now in question.

This is awful news for the young man. He is only 26 years old and just can’t seem to stay healthy for whatever reason.

As of Monday night, there is no definitive word on his status.

Getting taken off on a cart is not a great sign, but could also be precautionary.

A shortened season seemed to be perfect for Buxton. The Twins could ease him back into action and his chances of injury was seemingly reduced. Unfortunately, this latest setback can be chalked up as yet another bit of back luck for Buxton.

The Twins won 101 games last season with Buxton appearing in only 87 regular-season games. He has the potential to be a star player, but his absence does not derail the team’s season. However, it would obviously be nice to have him in the lineup, and no one should want to see a young player with so much potential continually getting injured.

Youth is still on Buxton’s side, so let’s hope this latest injury is nothing major or season-ending.