Everything that’s awesome about the new Seattle Kraken logo

Credit: Seattle Kraken Twitter
Credit: Seattle Kraken Twitter /

The Seattle Kraken have some really sharp logos.

The NHL’s 32nd franchise, a team that will call Seattle home starting in 2021, unveiled their new name and color scheme today, and the consensus on Twitter was that they knocked it out of the park with regards to nearly all aspects of the team’s new look.

While Greek mythology names are critically underused in the sports world, the Tennessee Titans not withstanding, Seattle opted for the unusual moniker of the “Kraken”, complete with new jerseys and logos that were inspired by the legendary destructive aquatic sea monster.

The Seattle Kraken have a logo that features the Space Needle.

The main logo is an “S” with a Kraken tentacle running through the middle of it. Also featured in prominent fashion is a red Kraken eye, which helps establish icy blue, dark navy, and bright red as the team’s main colors. All of it works perfectly together.

The team’s secondary logo is an anchor, which pays homage to Seattle’s nautical history. One neat easter egg that only the most eagle-eyed fans caught on first glance was the fact that the top of the anchor resembles the Space Needle, the city’s most famous landmark.

Given how the Kraken has been depicted as both a giant squid and a giant monster, the design team was afforded limitless creativity. The result of their work ended up giving the NHL a team with a unique name and color scheme that stands out when compared to some of the more drab looks in the NHL without looking over the top or silly.

A name like the Kraken could have easily led to a disastrous rebrand. Fortunately for Seattle’s fans, their marketing department aced the design of these new logos. When 2021 rolls around, look for the Kraken to start making noise right out of the gate.

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