Is Bol Bol next year’s Rookie of the Year favorite?

The NBA’s recent announcement has made Bol Bol a Rookie of the Year contender in 2021.

Easily the best story of the NBA’s early scrimmages was Bol Bol. A second-round pick to the Denver Nuggets out of Oregon, Bol made his highly anticipated debut on the NBA stage to incredible results.

16 points and 10 boards along with shooting the ball from range unlike any seven-footer in history. It may be a bit early to expect much from Bol in the Playoffs, but his performance has peaked our attention in 2021, especially with the NBA’s recent announcement making him and others debuting in the bubble eligible for next year’s Rookie of the Year.

A five-star recruit, Bol chose to attend the University of Oregon. His high expectations quickly perished to injury, but Bol impressed in his limited time, averaging a near double-double.

A once lottery pick, Bol Bol went to Denver in the second round of the NBA Draft, with too many lingering questions for teams to take the risk. After some G-League action, Bol failed to crack the main team. Now, with the added rest period and Denver in need of bodies, Bol was granted an opportunity to show his stuff and did just that.

Was it a one-game fluke or is Bol Bol the real deal?

It’s difficult to predict where exactly Bol’s career is heading, as a player like him is largely unprecedented. However, he finds himself in an ideal place in Denver, with the chance to form a dominant frontcourt duo with Jokic.

There are some noticeable names coming into the league, such as Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman and Obi Toppin, but none will have the NBA experience like Bol.

Bol will have meaningful playoff basketball under his belt for next season. That makes him more prepared than any other rookie coming into the NBA. As long as he stays healthy and Mike Malone lets him loose, expect Bol to become the favorite for Rookie of the Year next season.