Joe Kelly shows love to Dodgers fans hating on Astros in person (Video)

Joe Kelly (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Joe Kelly (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

Joe Kelly showed love to Dodgers fans on the street who are bashing the Houston Astros with passion. 

With the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros getting ready to face off on Saturday, you better believe the streets outside of Dodger Stadium have been bumping for hours leading up to the game. That’s because the Astros haters everywhere are ready to make their presence felt.

And in typical Joe Kelly fashion, he was there early on to show his love for everyone who is anti-Houston. With fans holding up signs and going wild, Kelly was honking his horn from his black Porsche to let them know he loved what he saw.

There’s still plenty of beef between Joe Kelly and the Houston Astros

That’s just gold. The excitement from the Dodgers fans who saw him truly is priceless. For Kelly, there’s obviously still plenty of bad blood between him and the Astros after he was suspended for throwing at multiple batters earlier this summer.

No one has forgotten when the benches cleared after Kelly not only threw at multiple players, but fired off some insults at them as well. Houston was furious, but Kelly quite honestly didn’t give a darn. He still doesn’t, which was made clear when he posed for a photo of his mural of the incident. Talk about a total troll job.

Kelly doesn’t like the Astros and they most certainly don’t like him. With him essentially joining in on the party of fans blasting Houston as a whole, it’ll undoubtedly fire up the visiting clubhouse. We’ll see if it’ll prove to be extra motivation for the Astros in their Saturday tilt at Dodger Stadium. This game surely is going to be a must-watch for baseball fans everywhere.

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