Clemson football fans think Florida State canceled game to avoid an ugly loss

The Clemson-Florida State football game was postponed and the conspiracy theories are out that the Seminoles backed out to avoid taking an embarrassing loss. 

Clemson football made the trip to Florida State only to have their game postponed a few hours before kickoff. A Clemson football player tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday and efforts to play the game later in the day to allow time for another round of rapid testing or to play on Sunday were unsuccessful.

This led many angry fans to speculate that Florida State football is backing out of the game despite the COVID protocols in place because they’re scared of taking an ugly loss at the hands of Clemson.

“They, Florida State and their medical group, decided that this was, given where they are, a risk to continue to play the game, because this person may have infected others, Clemson AD Dan Radakovich said, via The State. “That it could infect them during the game,” Radakovich said outside the team hotel in Tallahassee. “Although we have not seen in any competition up to this point any infections being able to be pointed to competition.”

Did Florida State back out of game vs. Clemson because they were scared?

I can understand the frustration on the Clemson side that the game will not be played. They were 30-plus favorites and it would have been the first game back from Trevor Lawrence‘s COVID diagnosis. Plus, it cost the team upwards of $250,000 to travel from Clemson to Tallahassee so that financial inconvenience can’t be easily dismissed.

However, from the Florida State perspective, it’s really ingenious and insulting to suggest they didn’t want to play Clemson because they were scared of taking a lopsided loss. It’s not like they haven’t lost a game before. It’s disrespectful to the players and coaches on that team to suggest they would rather not play when a college football career is so brief and the season was already shortened to begin with. The seniors on this team may never get a chance to play Clemson after the game was postponed. Sure, there’s a chance it is rescheduled for Dec. 12 when both teams have an open week.

Considering Florida State is deep in the red and facing a massive financial shortcoming due to the pandemic, suggesting they refund all these game tickets to avoid taking one on the chin is just so wrong. No one ever wants to give money back, especially in a pandemic.

Yes, it stinks all around that the game won’t be played, but there’s no chance Florida State is now celebrating all afternoon because they won’t lose to Clemson. Of course, there’s no convincing some Clemson fans of this, but it’s true. They’d gladly play the game and lose 56-0 than not play at all.

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