Bills fan catches fire after slammed through table doused in flames (Video)

Bills fan catches fire after getting slammed through a table doused in flames.

The Buffalo Bills won their first NFL playoff game in 25 years on Saturday when they defeated the Indianapolis Colts and fans all around the nation are finding unique ways to celebrate. Unfortunately, some of these unique things can go terribly wrong as was the case with these fans who literally caught fire.

It wouldn’t be a Bills celebration without throwing someone through a table. It wouldn’t be a Bills playoff celebration if that table isn’t on fire. What will happen when they win the Super Bowl? Will the flaming table be covered in knives? Or perhaps over a pit of venomous snakes?

The table is covered in flames … what could go wrong?

The view features a few friends out in the snow who have set a folding table on fire. One friend has the other on his shoulders and tosses him into the table. Fine, all good. Except then the fan catches on fire. Thankfully they are surrounded in snow and lots of people come to his aid to put him out and he appears to be unharmed.

Toss responsibly people, we have a long postseason to survive. Literally.