What Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady said to each other after Super Bowl 55

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes shared mutual respect following Super Bowl 55. 

Super Bowl 55 was the hardest challenge Patrick Mahomes has faced in his professional career. For Tom Brady, it was business as usual on the biggest stage.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to dominate the Kansas City Chiefs and Mahomes finally looked human. He is still on a legendary path, but it was clear Brady remains the GOAT. The two quarterbacks embraced on the field following the game and we now know what was said.

Brady and Mahomes offer up praise

Mahomes was quick to call Brady a legend and the all-time great returned the praise to the young superstar. No one should have expected anything else from the two men who genuinely seem to enjoy each other. Brady telling Mahomes they should stay in touch proves he is not holding any grudges against his young challengers.

The entire video features plenty of fun insight from the game, including Brady and Rob Gronkowski acting just like they did in New England. They are just allowed to have a little more fun down in Florida.

Brady was able to beat Mahomes back in the 2018 AFC Championship Game en route to a Patriots Super Bowl victory. Then came Mahomes and the Chiefs avoiding the Patriots to win a Super Bowl of their own last year.

Brady switching to the NFC created this dream scenario of both competing for a title and the same could happen again next season. Brady has shown no signs of regression and Mahomes should only continue to improve. Remember, this was only his third season as a starter.

Mahomes has a long way to go before he can be in the same class in Brady. But maybe a decade or two from now we see him take down the next young star, finally ascending into the GOAT conversation with a handful of titles to his name.