Blue Jays: Ross Stripling confronted new teammate George Springer about sign-stealing scandal

Toronto Blue Jays hurler Ross Stripling revealed he spoke with George Springer to discuss the Houston sign-stealing scandal once they officially became teammates.

No one has gotten over the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. With the team winning the World Series in 2017, baseball fans everywhere still believe they cheated their way to the glory that fall.

Well, George Springer was on that team but has since signed his blockbuster deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto hurler Ross Stripling came out and said he spoke with Springer about the scandal, and the two quickly talked things over and have moved forward.

Ross Stripling and George Springer discussed the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal

It’s easy to understand why Stripling wanted to connect with Springer once his deal was announced. The Astros have easily become the biggest villains in all of baseball — heck, arguably all of sports. With Springer making his way to Canada, it likely raised the eyebrows of several teammates. Not to mention, Stripling himself was on the team Houston faced in that 2017 fall classic — the Los Angeles Dodgers.

That’s why Stripling wanted to not only speak with Springer, but make sure they were on the same page and quickly squash any kind of potential issues or drama that may have been brought up down the road. So, does Stripling believe the Astros’ World Series wasn’t deserved?

With Springer signing his six-year deal worth $150 million, the expectations for him entering the 2021 campaign of course are through the roof. With that said, Springer obviously needed to clear up several things with the other guys in the clubhouse. With him being the major offseason signing, those same guys will look for him to be a stud when he’s at the plate.

Fortunately for everyone in Toronto, everyone is moving forward and the team will be ready to make plenty of noise in the AL East.