Stephen Curry set NBA record for most made 3s in a month … with 2 games to go

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has been lightning hot from beyond the arc in April, setting an NBA record with time to spare.

Stephen Curry doesn’t have to do anything more to prove he’s among the greatest shooters the NBA has ever seen. That’s not stopping him from breaking every league shooting record possible.

On Sunday night, Curry hit seven three-pointers to put his total for the month of April at 85.

He now has the most triples by a player in one month ever.

Friendly reminder, the Warriors still have two games to play this month. Since he’s averaging 6.5 made threes per game, he could realistically push for 100 before it’s over. That’s an incredible amount of sharpshooting.

In Curry’s last 10 games, he’s shooting an outrageous 49 percent from range.

He already owns the single-season record for triples with 402 in 2015-16. He’s not likely to put a new record on the board with fewer games under his belt this season.

Stephen Curry is unleashing fury from beyond the arc to finish the season

Golden State is lucky to have Curry at his best going into the final stretch of the regular season. The Warriors currently hold the No. 10 seed, which will give them the opportunity to play their way into the playoffs. If Curry is shooting as well as he has lately, they could have a shot to make some waves.

Curry put the Warriors over the top against the Kings on Sunday with 37 points, seven rebounds and four assists, though the team could have done without his seven turnovers.

He’ll need to keep it up in games against Dallas and Minnesota to finish out the month. Then he’ll get the chance to show the NBA what else he’s made of when the calendar flips to May.

It’s more than just the playoffs in the balance. The MVP race is also at stake.