Russell Wilson gets Super Bowl flashbacks on Manning-cast with Derek Carr red zone INT

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson got Super Bowl flashbacks in the worst way while watching Raiders-Ravens on the Manning-cast.

Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning were all of us watching the overtime chaos unfold between the Raiders and Ravens.

With the ball on the one-inch line, the Raiders proceeded to botch a scoring attempt thanks to a false start and a fade route. When that didn’t go according to plan, Carr threw a slant that bounced off his receiver’s helmet and into the awaiting arms of a Ravens defender.

As you can imagine, Wilson had Super Bowl flashbacks, as the Seahawks decision to throw a slant at the goal-line rather than run the ball with Marshawn Lynch cost them a chance at victory.

Wilson’s live reaction was priceless.

Raiders survive choke-fest against the Ravens on Monday Night

We’re not sure how Las Vegas was able to pull this out, as Lamar Jackson fumbled on the very next possession to give the Raiders excellent field position.

After a wonderful game through 60 minutes, overtime was essentially a battle of whichever team could lose fastest. In that sense, the Ravens won, but just barely.

The Raiders are 1-0, regardless of how it happened. With every other AFC West team winning, they were able to keep pace rather than fall behind the rival Chiefs and others early on.

Hopefully, Russ can avoid nightmares on Monday night.