Dak Prescott’s reaction to Cowboys TD robbery is a meme waiting to happen

When Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dan Prescott was robbed of a touchdown on MNF, it may have just created the best NFL meme of the 2021 season.

Quarterback sneaks are often a sly way of getting touchdowns, and Dan Prescott thought he had it in the bag with this one-yard rush into Philadelphia’s end zone.

Somehow, he was wrong. Ruled as “no gain”, the goal-line ruling turned Dallas’ 4th-and-1 into Philadelphia’s ball, robbing the Cowboys of a touchdown. Prescott knew it, McCarthy knew it, and anyone with an eagle-eye view knew it, yet their challenge on the play still failed.

Stunned in disbelief, McCarthy and Prescott unwittingly coined two of the best NFL reactions that are sure to be memes in the making.

Dak Prescott reaction to robbed touchdown is an NFL meme waiting to happen

The most striking thing about Prescott’s expression is that his eyes are mildly surprised while his mouth is agape in disbelief. It’s a hilarious expression, one that bears an uncanny resemblance to another popular meme: Surprised Pikachu.

As surprised Cowboys fans joined Prescott in his awe, Prescott’s next touchdown wasn’t even up for debate.

In what should have been a 21-7 game — or actually, a 21-0 game — the Cowboys now lead the Eagles with 14-7 as they head to halftime.