Browns’ Baker Mayfield is wearing a shoulder harness after injury

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is wearing a harness due to a nagging shoulder injury, but doesn’t plan on letting the extra equipment affect his performance.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is sporting a new accessory this week in practice. He’s wearing a harness on his left shoulder following an injury that occured in weeks ago.

Mayfield dislocated (and quickly relocated) his shoulder on an attempted tackle in Week 2 against the Houston Texans. After throwing an interception to Justin Reid, he went for the hit that resulted in his shoulder “popping in and out.”

After a visit to the medical tent, Mayfield came back and finished out the win for Cleveland. He hasn’t missed any time due to that shoulder, but according to Twitter it must still be bothering him.

Baker Mayfield reassures Cleveland Browns fans that shoulder harness will not hold him back

It’s hard to believe that wearing the harness won’t affect his play, but Mayfield’s arm without the harness certainly didn’t seem to be at 100 percent last Week in Minnesota. He threw for 155 yards, had a 45.5 completion percentage due to misses both big and small, and ended the game with a 59.5 passer rating — by far his lowest of the season.

The only place to go from numbers like that is up, so hopefully some added support can get the Browns quarterback back on track after falling to a No. 15 spot in Week 5’s quarterback rankings.

Unfortunately, Mayfield is not getting easy games to help his shoulder heal. Cleveland faces the 3-1 Los Angeles Chargers this week and the undefeated Arizona Cardinals after that. Both teams have top-10 defenses and weapons that can pin Mayfield for multiple sacks. His shoulder needs to be durable if he wants to fight through those contests.