Baker Mayfield not practicing for Browns with three injuries

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield listed as “Out” at Wednesday’s practice with three injuries before Week 11 game against the Detroit Lions. 

It’s been a difficult year for Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, as the 26-year-old quarterback has been sacked by injury after injury.

Mayfield even said on Wednesday that this is “probably the most beat up” he’s been in his four-year NFL career.

“And it’s not like it’s one particular thing; it’s multiple [injuries],” said Mayfield. “It’s just that time of the year, and things add up. Couple things after the other. So it is what it is.”

Things only got worse for Mayfield this week, as he sat out of Wednesday’s practice with three distinct injuries.

The listed injuries are Mayfield’s left shoulder, foot and knee.

Baker Mayfield sat out of Wednesday’s practice with three distinct injuries

Mayfield garnered plenty of criticism for his lackluster performance against the New England Patriots on Nov. 14, when his team lost 45-7.

Mayfield completed 11-of-21 passes for 73 yards with one touchdown and an interception. Mayfield then exited the game after suffering an injury from a tackle by Matthew Judon.

Mayfield has struggled with a significant shoulder injury for several weeks this season, although he only missed one game due to the injury.

Seeing his left shoulder listed on the injury report indicates that Mayfield is still struggling with ongoing shoulder pain, and subjecting himself to NFL defenders every Sunday hasn’t allowed him to properly heal.

Now, he’s also injured his foot and knee, although Camryn Justice reports that the knee injury has been scanned and evaluated and there is “no structural damage.”

Justice also reported that Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski fully expects Mayfield to suit up for Sunday’s game against the Lions.

While Stefanski and Mayfield remain optimistic, pushing Mayfield to heal up from three injuries, all while getting enough practice reps in over the coming days, may be a little too optimistic for a player who is the most banged-up he’s ever been.