Look: Washington Football Team merch for new name leaks

Based off images leaking of new merchandise, the new name of the Washington Football Team may have been revealed.

On Wednesday, Feb. 2, the Washington Football Team will unveil their new team name. The move has been two years in the making since they moved on from their previous nickname. Of course, fans have been trying to find any hint they could find regarding the new name.

Images on social media have surfaced of Washington’s new merchandise, and it appears that the new team name will be “the Commanders.”

Washington Football Team merch with new name leaks

If you are not entirely sold on the photos of the merchandise, how about a banner inside of FedEx Field? Brad Freitas of NBC 4 in Washington D.C. has video of the Commanders banner located inside the stadium, filmed from the new station’s chopper.

Earlier in the week, legendary Washington quarterback Joe Theismann appeared on CBS Sports Radio with Damon Amendolara and expressed his belief that the team’s new name will be the Commanders. While many believed that Theismann spoiled the name, the former quarterback stressed that he does not know what the name was and he was not told what it was going to be.

The Admirals was also a name that picked up steam in the lead-up to the team’s announcement. That was until the Commanders took the spotlight via the new merchandise and banners hanging inside the team’s stadium.

On Wednesday, the NFL world will find out the new name for the Washington Football Team, and it looks like they will be known as the Washington Commanders.