Report: Trevor Bauer won’t be criminally charged in sexual assault case

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)
Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) /

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer will reportedly not be charged criminally for sexual assault, but could still face a civil case.

Bauer would still have to be reinstated by MLB before he could pitch again, and given the owners and players are currently in a lockout, expect that to loom for quite some time.

Per TMZ, Bauer will not face criminal charges after a thorough investigation. The reasoning for this decision reportedly had much to do with text messages between Bauer and the accuser.

Bauer was accused on getting too physical in multiple sexual encounters in May of 2020. These encounters allegedly left the accuser with physical wounds.

Bauer could still face civil charges from the accuser. She was denied a permanent and temporary restraining order, which would’ve prevented Bauer from making contact with her either physically or via phone or social media.

Will Trevor Bauer pitch again?

Bauer is a talented pitcher, and the only thing in the way of him pitching again is that currently there is no baseball, and MLB has yet to decide on any sort of punishment for him.

For now, Bauer has been placed on administrative leave as the league works to collect details and allowed the criminal investigation to play out. Given that Bauer is unlikely to face any criminal charges, MLB can now decide if he will be allowed to play.

This is just one of many such important domestic violence precedents MLB has been forced to set of late, as they suspended Marcell Ozuna for 20 games as a result of an incident that came to light last May. Ozuna, however, was charged and eventually came to a plea agreement with police.

Trevor Bauer contract: Can Dodgers get out of it?

The Dodgers would have to win an insurance claim against Bauer to get out of his contract. For now, they still owe him $32 million for next season, and Bauer has a player option for 2023.

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