Rams Twitter ruthlessly trolled Bengals after winning Super Bowl: ‘Seized the dey’

The Los Angeles Rams are having a ton of fun celebrating their Super Bowl 56 win over the Cincinnati Bengals and that includes social media shenanigans.

When it comes to managing social media accounts for a team, it’s far better to be behind the screen for a team that wins over a team that loses. For some folks out in California, right now is the perfect time to get some social media engagement and meet some goals because Rams fans are very excited about the way Super Bowl 56 went.

Thanks to a 23-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl 56, the brains behind the Los Angeles Rams social media accounts now get the perfect opportunity make some jokes and have some fun.

Yeah, it looks like they’re having a good bit of fun trolling folks. Sunday evening, they definitely had some fun taking shots at everyone who doubted how good the Rams would be down the stretch during the postseason.

Los Angeles Rams win Super Bowl 56, troll Cincinnati Bengals on Twitter

Without a doubt, the Rams social media manager (managers?) is getting to have more fun than whoever is running social media for Cincinnati right now.

What can you really do after a frustrating, deflating Super Bowl loss? The best possible thing to do is to thank fans and share how it was a disappointing end to a fun season, which is pretty much exactly what the Bengals actually did.