Here’s the Freddie Freeman contract counter the Braves turned down

Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

The Freddie Freeman era with the Braves ended with heartbreak, but not for a lack of trying. The sides exchanged proposals, with Freeman’s offers now out.

As soon as the Braves won the World Series, the frantic pleas from Braves fans began pouring in: do everything possible to keep Freddie Freeman in Atlanta.

For months, that was the hope in Atlanta, as the Braves offered Freeman a deal he rejected before talks shut down due to the MLB Lockout. Then, the Braves traded for Matt Olson. Then, Freeman signed with none other than the Los Angeles Dodgers. Atlanta got their first baseman and Freeman got plenty of money, but it was enough to make Alex Anthopoulos emotional and leave Cristian Pache heartbroken.

According to Jon Heyman, Freeman proposed two deals to the Braves—$165 million for 5 years and $175 million for 6 years—but the Braves ultimately turned these down. Then, Freeman signed for less in Los Angeles, taking a $162 million deal for 6 years.

Freddie Freeman offered two exorbitant contracts to Braves before taking L.A. deal

Perhaps Freeman wanted to get what he believed he was worth from the Braves, but when they made it clear they were capable of moving on with Matt Olson, Freeman lowered his price to sign with the best situation available.

That, or Freeman was insulted by the Braves’ initial offer of five years for $140 million, asking for $25 million more for the same amount of time. But this also doesn’t much sense, seeing as Freeman signed with Los Angeles for one extra year and only $22 million more. That gives Freeman $27 million per year in Los Angeles compared to the $28 million per year Atlanta offered him.

Clearly, the numbers weren’t the only thing at play when it came to Freeman signing away his future. The play for more money was a push for respect, and it wasn’t financially feasible for Atlanta. This only adds to the sting of seeing Freeman sign elsewhere for less money, knowing he could have stayed in Atlanta and made even more.

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