Timberwolves protest: Why are fans against Glen Taylor?

So far, the Timberwolves are two-for-two in fan protests this postseason, if you count the play-in. So, why are fans against Glen Taylor? Timberwolves protest, explained.

Taylor sold the Timberwolves to a new group of owners, that of which includes former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. However, he is still connected to the franchise for now.

On his retirement tour — in this case a Minnesota playoff run — a protest group called Direct Action Everywhere is making sure to hit him where it hurts.

In the Timberwolves play-in game win over the Clippers, as well as their first playoff game against the Grizzlies, the protestors wore shirts which read ‘Glen Taylor Roasts Animals alive’. This is related to a disgusting decision from Taylor’s farm, which threatened to kill five million chickens due to a bird flu outbreak.

Timberwolves protest, explained

By performing extreme actions such as glueing oneself to the floor during a live sporting even, or in this case chaining oneself to the basket, said protestors are bringing attention to the cause and literally pausing the game. Their shirts read ‘Glen Taylor Roasts Animals alive’.

Timberwolves owner chicken farm

The chicken farm is owned by Taylor’s Rembrandt Enterprises. The Timberwolves released a statement regarding the first incident, as it occurred during a Minnesota home game.

“A fan disruption occurred during the second quarter of tonight’s game,” the team said. “We are in touch with Target Center Security to address the incident.”

The second incident, which happened on Saturday afternoon, took place in FedEx Forum, the Grizzlies home arena.

However, the protests appear to be for the same cause, as both parties are wearing the same shirt.