Mariners blame umpires for Julio Rodriguez’ rough start

The Seattle Mariners don’t seem to be all that happy with MLB umpires as Julio Rodriguez’ rough start continues on.

Go ahead and add the Seattle Mariners and their fans to the list of people who don’t seem to be overly thrilled with MLB umpires at the moment.

That sort of list probably includes a lot of people (depending on the moment) and it’s generally because of umps like Angel Hernandez that people get upset, but the Mariners are incensed over the way Julio Rodriguez seems to be getting treated at the plate so far this season.

From the outside looking in, it doesn’t appear as if Rodriguez is really doing anything wrong here. For one reason or another, when Rodriguez is at the plate, the umps seem to be calling strikeouts on pitches that are way outside the zone.

While that happens from time to time with just about everyone, it doesn’t seem to happen this much:

Look at all of those pitches that Rodriguez isn’t swinging at and yet he’s still being struck out on. The season just started and that seems like a lot.

Understandably, the Mariners are mad. And they’re filing a complaint with Major League Baseball on the matter, according to a report from Corey Brock of The Athletic.

Seattle Mariners aren’t thrilled with umpires as Julio Rodriguez experiences rough start

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, folks on Twitter are showing up and supporting the Mariners with this matter.

And of course, Seattle manager Scott Servais is absolutely on the side of his player, as he should be.

Unfortunately for them, umps (like all forms of referees across sports) are generally pretty easy to dislike, nobody is overly fond of when a wrong call is made against their favorite team or player. These folks aren’t going to get much sympathy as the Mariners and Rodriguez figure out how to handle this situation. Many MLB fans will absolutely side with the team and the 21-year-old rookie here.