College GameDay adding exciting new full-time member

Pat McAfee joins the GameDay shoe to make his pick for SDSU-NDSU.Eh0uditu4aehofb
Pat McAfee joins the GameDay shoe to make his pick for SDSU-NDSU.Eh0uditu4aehofb /

If you thought ESPN’s College GameDay needed some new blood and an infusion of energy, it’s coming in the form of the ineffable Pat McAfee.

College football fans don’t know any other way to start their Saturday mornings than by turning to ESPN’s College GameDay to see the familiar faces of Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and, of course, the incredible Lee Corso.

For as good as the show still is from top-to-bottom (especially when Corso is in a more comfortable environment and not being strained at 87 years old), there is an argument to be made that GameDay could use some new blood to help liven things up further and really get the crowds going.

So that’s exactly what the show is doing.

On Wednesday, it was reported and later confirmed that Pat McAfee, the former Colts punter turned podcast/radio host turned WWE announcer, will become a full-time staple on College GameDay for the rest of the 2022 season.

Pat McAfee joining College GameDay crew as full-time member

As stated in that report, McAfee will hit the ground running with this new gig as he’ll be in Austin in Week 2 for the titanic clash between Alabama and Texas.

McAfee is no stranger to GameDay as he’s had multiple guest appearances over the years. He’s a bolt of lightning and energy on the show, as evidenced most obviously by his appearance when he jumped off of a houseboat into the water out in Waco as he filled in for Maria Taylor ahead of Baylor-Oklahoma.

While he’s probably not taking his belly-flopping to every town that the show heads to this season, that’s the type of energy you can expect. And frankly, that’s good for college football, good for fans, and just like an extra cup of coffee to get you going on Saturday mornings.

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