The very best things in College Football Week 12: TCU’s escape, Michigan’s luck and more

Michigan Wolverines kicker Jake Moody. (Syndication: Detroit Free Press)
Michigan Wolverines kicker Jake Moody. (Syndication: Detroit Free Press) /

The traps were set in College Football Week 12 as playoff hopefuls like TCU, Michigan and Ohio State had to fight off upsets.

Week 12 of the college football slate felt like “the week before” going in. But underdogs proved that you cannot take any weeks off, especially when big matchups loom.

Sadly, the day began with less focus on football and more on the tragedy that engulfed the University of Virginia football program and community this week. Teams and players around the country honored the three players who were killed in a shooting on Sunday.

Those tributes were a good reminder that you cannot take any moment for granted.

Here’s the other great things CFB delivered in Week 12

Greatest escape of Week 12: TCU Horned Frogs

TCU looked dead in the water when they failed to convert a two-point try with two minutes remaining against Baylor. It wasn’t the end though. The Horned Frogs got a quick stop and Max Duggan swiftly moved his team down the field into field goal range.

Sonny Dykes made the ultimate gamble by running in the final seconds, resulting in his field goal team sprinting onto the field to get a kick off in time.

Griffin Kell was up to the task, calmly striking the 40-yard attempt and sending it through the uprights with no time left on the clock.

College football Twitter absolutely loved it.

As for TCU, they get to celebrate in their own way.

Biggest missed call of Week 12: Michigan’s pick play

Refs miss calls all game, every game, but some are more blatant than others. Like the pick play that Michigan ran on the fourth-down conversion that saved their undefeated season.

We’re pretty sure that’s illegal and should have negated that critical play for the Wolverines. Brett Bielema definitely wasn’t big on it.

That doesn’t mean Michigan would have lost. They’d have gotten another shot at it, just one that was more difficult. Either way, we might have gotten to hear an awesome radio call of the winning field goal from Wolverine student radio.

What matters is that the Wolverines held on to set up a huge matchup with Ohio State. The other big takeaway? They can’t play that way if they hope to beat the Buckeyes.

Most impressive performance of the week: The snow over Notre Dame-BC

Notre Dame rained points down on Boston College before the sky opened up and dropped buckets of snow on both teams.

The Bills and Browns could never.

Almost-best college football play of Week 12: Maryland’s not-INT

Maryland’s upset bid against Ohio State would have been greatly helped if this interception had stood after replay.

Listen, we get wanting to have calls right but getting it right on replay can be a buzzkill sometimes.

College football stat of the day

Most entertaining things in college football this week

Texas A&M fans are more exciting than their team

Things are bad at Texas A&M, but at least the fans are finding ways to entertain themselves.

Mascot madness between Auburn and WKU

We don’t know what’s going on here but we love it.

And there’s more to come!

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