Stephen A. Smith throws tantrum over Alabama College Football Playoff Snub

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA - NOVEMBER 05: Bryce Young #9 of the Alabama Crimson Tide reacts against the LSU Tigers during a game at Tiger Stadium on November 05, 2022 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA - NOVEMBER 05: Bryce Young #9 of the Alabama Crimson Tide reacts against the LSU Tigers during a game at Tiger Stadium on November 05, 2022 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

Stephen A. Smith threw a childish tantrum after Alabama was snubbed for the College Football Playoff in favor of Ohio State and TCU. 

Steve Harvey once said on Family Feud that God hears and answers prayers. That includes a Stephen A. Smith rant on the Alabama Crimson Tide being snubbed.

On Sunday, the College Football Playoff Committee released its final rankings, with Georgia at No. 1, Michigan at No. 2, TCU at No. 3, and Ohio State taking the last spot at No.4. That meant the only team that Stephen A really watches in college football, Alabama, would be left out of the College Football Playoff. Needless to say, Smith was beyond appalled and proceeded to rant.

The audacity, the temerity, the unmitigated gall to sit up there and spew such blasphemy. Smith tried to argue his case about TCU’s loss to Kansas State and Ohio State’s meltdown against Michigan as the reason for Alabama to get in. Smith also tried to make a case that the Horned Frogs didn’t play anyone when the reality is, TCU had a more challenging road.

Additionally, the Horned Frogs only had one loss the entire year, and Alabama had two. But when Smith said TCU didn’t play anyone, fellow network analyst Paul Finebaum rolled his eyes and brought up how Alabama didn’t beat anyone of note (Austin Peay), and that includes Texas, who lost by a last-second field goal following Smith’s blasphemous boast that the Longhorns would get beat down.

There was also the Texas A&M game that Alabama came close to losing and the Ole Miss game. Plus, Alabama had two losses this year to Tennessee and LSU, both of whom have struggled since then, making the Tide’s loss to each school more denigrating.

Ohio State had a better season, even though most folks would agree that the loss to Michigan was downright embarrassing. TCU went to overtime against Kansas State after being down 11 points in the conference title game and came so close to winning, but they showed enough of a fight to be considered for the big stage, and rightfully so.

This rant was almost as ludicrous as Nick Saban coming on during halftime of the Big Ten Championship and giving what amounts to a beg to the playoff committee to look away from their standards and take Alabama into the playoff field with a point spread. The world of social media also seemed to think that Smith’s tantrum was childish, ridiculous, and lunatic.

Stephen A. Smith threw a childish tantrum over Alabama not being allowed into the College Football Playoff.

If the field were expanded to 12 teams, no one would care, and they would move on. It’s not expanded, so deal with it. But really, is anyone surprised that Stephen A. Smith went on a rant like this? Does anyone remember when he said he doesn’t really watch college football much and has to pick one team? Conveniently, it is Alabama?

Moreover, does anyone remember a couple of years ago when Smith had Alabama as 1-5 on his list of top teams in the country, only for Dabo Swinney and Trevor Lawrence to seeth silently and proceed to humiliate the Tide 44-16?

Does anyone forget how the following year after that, when LSU beat the Tide after Smith taunted fellow commentators Marcus Spears and Ryan Clark, only for it to backfire? If we really go back in time, how about Deshaun Watson and Hunter Renfrow doing their thing to win the title against Alabama?

But Smith isn’t the only person to get upset over the Tide being snubbed. FOX Sports’s Shannon Sharpe was also incensed and has called the playoff the “Alabama Invitational.” News flash, that is not the correct name, the Tide are out, and they did not win enough or do enough to make it this year. Let it go.

The same for Smith. Instead of making outlandish comments without context, think it through. Alabama is not the only team in college football. The SEC is a great conference, but it is debatable whether or not it is the greatest conference.

One thing is for sure, The Alabama Crimson Tide will not be in the College Football Playoff this year, they will head to the Sugar Bowl and Kansas State, and Smith/Sharpe should hope that their team does not have a repeat of the 2014 game when Oklahoma took them down 45-31. Maybe Chris Klieman can work some of his North Dakota State championship magic with the Wildcats. Imagine the faces if that were to happen.

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