Are Bryce Young and Will Anderson making a mistake playing in Sugar Bowl?

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young. (Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports)
Alabama quarterback Bryce Young. (Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports) /

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young and linebacker Will Anderson are playing in the Sugar Bowl. Is that a mistake with the NFL Draft coming up?

It’s not uncommon for star players with NFL aspirations to sit out bowl games these days. It’s so regular, in fact, that most people probably expected the likes of Bryce Young and Will Anderson to sit out Alabama’s appearance in the Sugar Bowl.

Between the disappointment of missing the College Football Playoff and having their pro futures to think about, it wouldn’t have been a surprise for the two stars to turn their focus to the NFL Draft.

Instead, both say they plan to play in the bowl on New Year’s Eve. Is that the right call?

Are Bryce Young and Will Anderson making a mistake with the Sugar Bowl

Absolutely it’s the right call because it was the players’ decision.

If they had done the calculus and decided it wasn’t in their interest to play, that also would have been the right decision.

In the end, they have their bodies on the line. Whatever they choose is what’s right for them.

Yes, there are risks. But those risks come with playing football, whether in September or December. If the players want to accept those risks, then more power to them.

The choice they made is a credit to the Alabama program and the competitive spirit built around head coach Nick Saban. Having Young and Will decide to play means they care about the game, even if it’s not the game they wanted to be in.

The two are setting an example as leaders that the NFL should want, even if an injury sets them back.

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