Look: South Carolina fans paid $2K to fly pathetic banner trolling Clemson-Tennessee

South Carolina Gamecocks, Clemson Tigers, Tennessee Volunteers. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel)
South Carolina Gamecocks, Clemson Tigers, Tennessee Volunteers. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel) /

South Carolina fans paid over $2,000 to fly a banner of Hard Rock Stadium to troll Clemson and Tennessee as the one true Orange Bowl champion.

Ask any South Carolina fan what losing to Clemson and Tennessee this year felt like, and they couldn’t tell you, because it didn’t even happen, bro!

While the Gamecocks fought the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl is Florida’s most populous city, the Tigers and the Volunteers are seeing Orange in the Orange Bowl. After taking their talents to South Beach, they tried to catch the sun set in South Florida, only to find the most expensive banner $2,000 and change can buy. Oh, they will most definitely enjoy their bowl game.

Orange you glad you didn’t lose to the Vols or the Tigers this year, Gamecock fans everywhere?


For an additional $800, they could have flown a picture of Shane Beamer’s face over Hard Rock.

Between a rock and a hard place, South Carolina fans pooled together $2,055 for such an occasion.

What else could have purchased for $2,055 over in Columbia, South Carolina?

I mean, when you are riding a Beamer Heater of a lifetime, you can get a little over your skis. Then again, this is the type of small market energy that makes college sports so breathtakingly beautiful. It just means more, dammit. Well, I guess this is growing up if you’re South Carolina. The Gamecocks are crowing and flapping their wings with the best of them in year two under Beamer.

Although it may not be the best look for a state’s flagship university to partake in such activities, South Carolina’s greatest head coach of all time is none other than the Head Ball Coach. For $2,055, you can absolutely get all the free refills at Arby’s your Spurrier dollars can buy. Then again, HBC is a man known to say a thing or two and was never afraid to troll a team he hated … like Tennessee!

In the years to follow, may South Carolina make this a near-annual tradition? Should they beat two teams who play each other in a bowl game, may they fly a $3,000 banner for 3.5 hours above the stadium in which the bowl game is being played. Rain or shine, open-air or dome, this needs to be continued, just like when Beamer set the tone by taking his victorious mayo bath to the dome, bro.

If Clemson and Tennessee did not want this to happen, they should have beaten South Carolina.

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