Predicting whether or not DeAndre Hopkins will be traded by the end of NFL Draft

DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

DeAndre Hopkins has been rumored to be available in trade for weeks now. Will the NFL Draft finally see him moved?

DeAndre Hopkins has been rumored to be on the NFL’s trading block for weeks, but we’re coming up on Thursday’s NFL Draft and he still has yet to be traded. While the draft capital the Arizona Cardinals are seeking for him is tenable, his massive contract is the likeliest barrier for teams to go after him.

There was a period of time where him hanging out with a Cowboys legend hinted he might end up in Dallas. Then, it looked like the Patriots. After that, the Bills and Chiefs got some speculative play. Hopkins has hinted he wants to play for them. The Giants are a sleeper team to watch, too.

But don’t expect the Jets, if Hopkins has anything to say about it.

Except for a few minor deals here and there, things have been relatively quiet on the trade front. The NFL Draft is going to kick things back up in rapid succession, and with that, star moves like Hopkins and Aaron Rodgers could finally come to fruition.

Here’s what we think of the chances that Hopkins will be moved by the end of the draft on Saturday.

Predicting whether or not NFL Draft will feature a DeAndre Hopkins trade

There are some facts to consider. One: The NFL Draft comes after free agency, and teams have more or less set their financial expectations in terms of salary cap for the year by now with the bulk of free agency behind.

Second: Trades become infinitely harder once the draft is in the rearview because actual players, once drafted, are inflexible. Draft picks, by comparison, are much more fluid and tradeable because teams can do whatever they please with them.

While future draft picks can be moved after the 2023 draft, this is a win-now, do-now league. The Cardinals will want picks this year if they can get them to start building their next chapter.

Secondly, Peter Schrager is reporting the Cardinals are open to moving pick No. 3. They’re not going to move that as “compensation” to a team for picking up Hopkins’ salary, but it is an indicator of how ready they are to deal.

Ultimately, it’s probably now or never for the Hopkins trade this offseason. While I don’t think it’s a lock, I do think this weekend is the most likely time for this trade to go down. Otherwise, I think they may be running it back until the trade deadline.

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