10 bold predictions for Super Bowl LVIII, Chiefs vs. 49ers

Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions v Kansas City Chiefs / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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9. Super Bowl LVIII will be a low-scoring affair

The last time these two teams met up for the Super Bowl was in 2020 for Super Bowl LIV, where the Chiefs won, 31-20. Certainly, the rosters aren’t the same this time around, and we also won't see the score reach the same heights either.

We witnessed the Chiefs hold the Baltimore Ravens to just 10 points with a 17-10 win in the AFC Championship Game. The 49ers have a dominant, talent-laden offense, but the Chiefs defense has been elevated this season, which has been huge in relation to their struggling offense. That's an advantage that should help the San Francisco defense as well if some inexperienced but heavily used weapons don't step up.

As mentioned, the 49ers cast of weapons is elite with McCaffrey, Samuel, Kittle, Aiyuk and so on. However, when facing the best defenses he's seen this year, Brock Purdy has struggled to limit turnovers. Furthermore, the Chiefs are going to be able to generate pressure.

Chris Jones made good on many of his sack incentives on the one-year contract he negotiated after holding out and making a statement before heading into free agency. He could and should be an X-factor for the Kansas City defense and limiting what the 49ers offense is able to put forth.

All told, both teams could potentially face a struggle scoring.