10 highest-paid NBA coaches after Erik Spoelstra's extension

An updated look at the highest paid NBA coaches this season.

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This offseason, Detroit Pistons head coach Monty Williams signed what was, at the time, the biggest coaching contract in NBA history. In July, a little over a month later, thanks to a signed contract extension, that title was temporarily granted to Gregg Popovich. As of Jan. 8, Erik Spoelstra's contract with the Miami Heat is now the largest in NBA history.

Basketball salaries have risen, not only for players but also for coaches. To give you an idea of what payday looks like for these coaches, here's a look at the top-10 highest-paid coaches around the league.

10. Michael Malone: TBD (> than $5 million)

Behind Popovich, Spoelstra, and Kerr, Malone has the fourth-longest tenure among NBA coaches. The Denver Nuggets extended Michael Malone's contract on Nov. 4, 2023. The deal extends Malone's contract by two years. Although the exact figure isn't known, NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski says this extension makes Malone "one of the highest-paid coaches in the league." As Malone's contract is extended, he may be able to build on his Nuggets dynasty, which won the championship last season.

9. Ime Udoka: $6.75 million

Ime Udoka was with the Boston Celtics until an inappropriate relationship with a staff member forced him to relocate. It was unfortunate for all parties that something so special had to end so quickly. During his lone season with Boston, Udoka led the Celtics to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010. Now, Udoka is spearheading a Houston Rockets team that's transformed from a bottom-tier team to a highly touted competitor seemingly overnight.

According to Chron, a Houston daily news source, Udoka's deal with the Rockets gives him $28.5 million across the next four seasons. In 2023-24, Ime will earn $6.75 million. However, every season, his salary increases by $250,000. Therefore, by 2026-27, Udoka's salary will be $7.5 million. It is fair to say that Udoka's contract is lucrative.  Last season, the Rockets finished 22-60. They are currently 19-20, four wins away from surpassing their last season total. That, ladies and gentleman, is the Ime effect.