2024 NBA Mock Draft: March Madness arrives, as does Kentucky's backcourt

An updated look at the 2024 NBA Draft landscape as March Madness gets underway.

Rob Dillingham, Kentucky Wildcats
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27. . G. Isaiah Collier. Isaiah Collier. 15. 15. USC. player.

The Knicks land Isaiah Collier to fill the shoes once occupied by Immanuel Quickley. Collier is a different beast, however, standing 6-foot-5 with broad shoulders and tank-like strength. He bulldozes his way through defenders to finish at the rim and offers legitimate advantage-creation as the offensive spearhead. His turnovers have subsided in recent weeks and he's starting to show more polish as a passer. This could end up being great value for New York.

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16. F. Tyler Smith. . G League Ignite. . 16. 81. Tyler Smith. player

Toronto bets on Tyler Smith's unique intersection of size and skill. At 6-foot-11, he's one of the most comfortable 3-point shooters on the board. He flows effortlessly into spot-up attempts and even looks good curling around screens. The defense is a work-in-progress, but he's mobile with upside as a weak-side rim protector. The Raptors can test out some interesting frontcourt combos built around Scottie Barnes.

. Devin Carter. player. 110. Providence. 17. . G. Devin Carter. 17

Devin Carter is such a Heat prospect. He's a wily, college-vet defender who creates absolute havoc with his intensity on that end of the floor. He also happens to be a productive offensive hub for Providence, averaging 19.1 points and 3.7 assists on .475/.391/.725 splits. He can bomb 3s, set up the offense, and guard the point of attack with fervor for a Heat team in need of some guard help.

38. Dalton Knecht. Dalton Knecht. . 18. player. . F. Tennessee. 18

Dalton Knecht will enter the NBA at 23 years old, which can (and should) be a turnoff for some teams. That said, he's too polished an off-ball scorer to ignore. He can drill spot-up 3s, he thrives attacking off the catch, and his general knack for movement within the offense should translate well to the next level. Orlando would benefit from an infusion of shooting and connective passing on the wing.

19. . South Carolina. Collin Murray-Boyles. . F. 125. 19. Collin Murray-Boyles. player

He's a rather unique prospect, but Collin Murray-Boyles has rocketed up draft boards with a strong starting-lineup surge at South Carolina. He doesn't shoot 3s at 6-foot-7, so it will take a bit of creativity and faith at the next level, but his point-of-attack defense, playmaking instincts, and at-rim finishing are all thoroughly impressive. The Hawks have the shooters to make it work.

Ryan Dunn. . F. 20. Virginia . 27. . 20. Ryan Dunn. player

Ryan Dunn is one of the best defenders in college basketball, point blank. At 6-foot-8, he's putting up steal and block numbers reminiscent of Matisse Thybulle. He needs a lot of work on offense, but his athleticism shows up on finishes around the rim. We know Tom Thibodeau loves a hard-edged stopper. Dunn can dominate the point of attack or operate whirlwind-style off the ball, phasing into tight spaces to seal off passing lanes and reject shot attempts.

. 21. Yves Missi. player. 66. C. Baylor. Yves Missi. . 21

The Suns get a center with Jusuf Nurkic's durability and longevity looking increasingly uncertain. Yves Missi does all the simple things well. He finishes with force at the rim, rebounds at a high level, and blocks shots with plenty of verve. Factor in the mobility in space and the occasional straight-line drive from the perimeter, and there's enough to convince Phoenix of his value here.

Kevin McCullar. 93. F. 22. player. Kansas. . . Kevin McCullar. 22

Kevin McCullar has solidified his first round case as a senior, improving from 3-point range to complement his heads-up cuts and impressive slashes. He processes the game at a high level and defends the wing well. The Sixers can never have too many quality two-way wings, and McCullar might be ready to contribute from day one.

23. player. 69. F. Cholet. . . Tidjane Salaun. Tidjane Salaun. 23

Tidjane Salaun is a tough prospect to evaluate. The athleticism is his primary selling point. At 6-foot-9, he can defend multiple positions, explode to the rim for impressive finishes, and occasionally shoot the lights out. That said, the shot runs hot and cold, and he's less polished than others in this range. The Pelicans have more depth than most teams and can afford a project.

142. player. DaRon Holmes II. . . C. Dayton. 24. 24. DaRon Holmes II

The Wizards' defense took a major hit with Daniel Gafford's trade deadline departure. Washington won't contend any time soon, but Holmes' mobility and vertical pop makes him one of the top shot-blockers in college basketball. This season, he added an improved 3-point shot and dynamic straight-line drives from the perimeter. He has a chance to step right into Gafford's former role.

89. 25. . player. . Kyshawn George. F. 25. Miami. Kyshawn George

Another semi-mystery box prospect who has drawn more NBA eyeballs in recent weeks, Miami's Kyshawn George fits the modern game as a 6-foot-8 wing who can splash spot-up 3s and create for teammates. His lack of explosiveness and strength limits him around the rim, but he playmakes on defense and does enough complementary things to fit the Bucks' long-term plans around Giannis Antetokounmpo.

. Dillon Jones. 156. Weber State. 26. . Dillon Jones. 26. F. player

Dillon Jones continues to produce impressive stat lines for Weber State. There are questions tied to his inconsistent 3-point shot and unconventional play style, but 6-foot-7 wings who can generate advantages off the dribble, create for teammates, and finish with strength around the basket tend to be valuable. The Cavs need wing depth.

. F. Colorado . 27. Tristan da Silva. Tristan da Silva. player. 27. . 73

Colorado's Tristan da Silva stays in the state. He's limited athletically, but 6-foot-8 shot-makers with da Silva's ability to handle and pass are naturally appealing. Denver tends to seek out experienced college stars who directly complement their core pieces; da Silva fits the bill.

Marquette. Tyler Kolek. . G. Tyler Kolek. 28. player. 118. . 28

Tyler Kolek is one of the best pick-and-roll operators in college basketball. His pace and feel as a lead creator should translate to the next level, even if he's at 6-foot-3 with limited burst. The Jazz would benefit from a legitimate lead guard who can spread the wealth and create advantages for teammates. Walker Kessler in particular would benefit.

G. 86. . player. 29. 29. . Duke. Jared McCain. Jared McCain

Jared McCain has been scorching nets for Duke lately. He's a limited athlete and it's hard for 6-foot-3 combo guards to flourish in today's NBA. Still, McCain is a flat-out elite gunner whose scoring versatility and high-feel approach should hold weight in the NBA. Minnesota has the defense to cover for McCain's limitations, and the Wolves would benefit immensely from McCain's perimeter gravity.

F. Alex Karaban. . Connecticut. player. 18. 30. Alex Karaban. 30.

The UConn sophomore has blossomed for the country's best team. His skill set is a natural fit for the next level. At 6-foot-8, he can splash spot-up 3s, straight-line drive, and pass within the flow of the offense. He's a limited athlete, but a sound team defender. He has immediate role player upside for a deep, competitive Celtics team.

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