2024 NBA Mock Draft: Updated first-round projections after trade deadline

Not many first-round picks changed hands, but players are rising and falling in our updated NBA Mock Draft following a busy trade deadline.

Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg
Zaccharie Risacher, JL Bourg / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages
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The NBA trade deadline was less explosive than in years past, but there were still plenty of moves to analyze. In addition to players changing teams, picks were exchanged as well. The 2024 NBA Draft is shaping up to be rather unique — the lack of top-end talent has front offices moving back or moving out, rather than jockeying for position at the top.

Of course, tanking efforts remain in full effect. The Wizards, Pistons, Hornets, and Jazz all traded away key vets. There is still value to a top-five pick, if only in the breadth of options it provides.

While the 2024 draft has certainly earned its less-than-positive reputation, it's not some barren wasteland. The players located near the top of draft boards project as very useful NBA players. While there's probably not a future superstar in the vein of Victor Wembanyama or even Paolo Banchero, a few future All-Stars — or at least high-end starters — are still very much in play.

The draft order is far from settled, but we do know who owns each pick and where the protections lie. So, as the landscape begins to take shape, here's an updated look at the 2024 NBA Draft landscape. We start, per tradition, with a simulated lottery courtesy of Tankathon.

player. F. 125. JL Bourg. Zaccharie Risacher. Zaccharie Risacher. 1. 1. .

Zaccharie Risacher has been rising up draft boards with a series of strong performances for JL Bourg in France. Generally regarded as one of the "safest" bets in a class defined by uncertainty, Risacher makes a lot of sense for Atlanta — especially if Trae Young is still in the long-term plans. Risacher is hitting well over 40 percent of his 3s and defending at an extremely high level on the wing. At 6-foot-10, his size, athleticism, and shooting stroke is a potent combination.

There are upside concerns with Risacher, who has done very little as a ball-handler in LNB Pro A competition. That said, he has handled more robust roles at lower levels of competition and he's extremely fluid out in transition, so there's hope that he can expand upon his 3-and-D foundation eventually.

2. F. Perth Wildcats. . Alex Sarr. player. . 2. 170. Alex Sarr

The Hornets land Alex Sarr, the 7-foot-1 French big man with a skill set tailor-made for the modern game. Sarr is comfortable switching on the perimeter defensively. His ability to cover ground, deter shots at the rim, and fit within different schemes is extremely valuable. He's versatile enough to share the floor with Mark Williams or operate as Charlotte's primary five.

On offense, it's hard to imagine a better running mate for Sarr than LaMelo Ball. He will thrive most frequently as a rim-runner and lob threat, putting his massive catch radius to good use. That said, he also flashes upside as a 3-point shooter and face-up scorer. Sarr needs to get more physical around the basket — on both ends, frankly — but he can hit turnaround jumpers in the post, attack downhill with straight-line drives, or run pick-and-pops.

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