NBA Trade Grades and expert details for every deadline day deal so far

The NBA Trade Deadline action started early and we're here throughout the day, tracking down the details and grading every move for both sides.

Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns
Brooklyn Nets v Phoenix Suns / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Patrick Beverley, traded again

Bucks 76ers

For the Bucks: They got the backup point guard they had been looking for but it has to be at least a little bit concerning that the 76ers so willingly gave him to a direct rival who they could meet in the playoffs.


For the 76ers: Maybe they know something the Bucks don't about Beverley? Even if he's not the tone-setter and defensive game-changer he used to be he's an upgrade over Payne and they just gave him to the Bucks.


Suns get Royce O'Neale in 3-team deal

Suns Grizzlies 2

For the Suns: This is a huge win for the Suns. In exchange for three second-round picks and a pick swap they get a big body who can play some 4 or 5 (Roddy) and one of their ideal options for a two-way wing. O'Neale is a little bit undersized at 6-foot-5 but he has experience playing both the 3 and the 4, he's a strong outside shooter and a very good defender. This will give the Suns' rotation a big boost and a lot more flexibility heading into the playoffs.


For the Nets: The Nets needed to get something for O'Neale. A single first-round pick, even a low one, would have been better but every little bit helps.


For the Grizzlies: Memphis turned a bruising forward into a wing shooter and picked up a pick swap.


Mavericks make a big change

Mavs Hornets

For the Mavs: Grant Williams was one of the Mavericks' biggest offseason additions but his defense hadn't been as impactful as hoped and his shooting percentages really dropped. They paid a steep price but Washington is a very similar player who could have more upside. He can do quite a bit more on offense and even though his 3-point percentage is just 32.4 percent this year he's shot about 36 percent for his career and will get a lot more wide-open looks in Dallas. The Mavericks need to keep pushing to keep Luka Doncic happy and this is probably a worthwhile gamble.


For the Hornets: Williams probably won't still be around by the time this young Hornets team is ready to push for the playoffs. But his defense and dirty-work game will be helpful scaffolding for their young players. They'll have to wait until 2027 but they Hornets did great to get a first-round pick from the Mavs that's only top-two protected. Luka could conceviably be gone by then and that could be a very valuable pick.


Doug McDermott traded to the Pacers

Pacers Spurs

For the Pacers: McDermott plays a different position and mintues may be hard to come by in the Pacers frontcourt but they at least added some additional shooting to help make up for the loss of Buddy Hield.


For the Spurs: The Underpants Gnomes in the Spurs' front office get another second-round pick as they prepare to move to phase two of their plan.

Grade: C

Raptors and Nets swap point guards

nets raptors 2

For the Raptors: This seems like purely a financial move, taking in a bit more salary this year in Dinwiddie who is a free agent this offseason, shedding the second year on Schroder's contract and clearing up Thad Young's roster spot. It's a fart in a hurricane.


For the Nets: Take on an extra year of salary, shed some questionable vibes, maybe flip Schroder into something else down the line? Okay.


Knicks raid the Pistons for a massive offensive upgrade

Knicks Pistons

For the Knicks: They had been dangling Fournier's expiring, Quentin Grimes' upside and something from their war chest of draft picks for a backup ball-handler or an additional shooter. Somehow, they managed to come away with both holes filled and they didn't even need to include a first-round pick.

Both players are reliable outside shooters who will help with spacing. Both can offer some meaningful secondary shot creation with Burks even operating as a backup point guard if needed. And Bogdanovic can defend 4s which means he's a perfect fill-in for Julius Randle as he recovers from injury. This might not be enough to make the Knicks a legit contender but short of landing someone like Donovan Mitchell this was the best-case scenario for their trade deadline.


For the Pistons: There was a point where the Pistons were hoping to get at least one first-round pick for each of those players and they didn't even get one. Grimes and Flynn are mildly interesting but both are going to be hard-pressed to crack the Pistons rotation with Cade Cunningham, Marcus Sasser, Ausar Thompson and Jaden Ivey filling so many backcourt minutes. The Pistons had some of the best assets available at the deadline and they got a pretty pitiful return.


Mavericks get another pick-and-roll partner for Luka Doncic

Mavs Wizards

For the Mavericks: Richaun Holmes was a moderate financial investment that hadn't really worked out at all. But they were able to turn his contract and some sort of draft compensation (Woj hadn't specified as of this writing) for a solid young center. Gafford isn't a future star but, at 25 years old, he's a solid rim protector and a very good finisher with length, mobility and touch around the basket. He'll look great in the pick-and-roll with Luka Doncic and, with Dereck Lively II, gives the Mavs a nice frontcourt foundation to keep building around.


For the Wizards: Gafford was a useful young player but clearly not part of their long-term plans. If the draft compensation turns out to be a first-round pick, this is a B+. If it's a second-rounder, this is a C.

GRADE: Incomplete

Indiana Pacers send Buddy Hield to the Philadelphia 76ers

Buddy Hield Trade

For the Pacers: The writing was on the wall earlier this season when they couldn't come to terms on an extension with Hield and reportedly started listening to offers. Still his shooting is so important to what the Pacers do on offense and they were able to navigate a similarly difficult situation with Myles Turner last season, agreeing on an extension before the deadline and keeping him.

They may not have had a lot of options but it has to be discouraging to get such a paltry haul for Hield. Korkmaz and Morris are strictly salary-matching and neither will play a part in the Pacers long-term plans which means they essentially just landed a trio of second-rounders. Not being able to get a first-round pick hurts.


For the 76ers: This is an absolute win for the 76ers. Hield is a game-changing shooter and he's going to have more space than he's ever seen before in this lineup. They may not end up re-signing him this summer but even if he's a one-year rental, they stole him from a rival and didn't give up anything of present or future value for someone who could help them make a run at a title if Joel Embiid comes back healthy for the playoffs.


Toronto Raptors trade for Kelly Olynyk

jazz raptors trade

For the Jazz: Olynyk has been great but he was an unrestricted free agent probably to pricey to keep next year. Turning him into another first-round pick is a solid win.


For the Raptors: What are you doing? They're in the midst of a rebuild (call it a reset if you want) and gave up a first-round pick to land Olynyk on what's probably a one-year rental. Agbaji doesn't really move the needle so they paid to try and push for the Play-In Tournament?


Thunder land Gordon Hayward

Thunder Hornets 2

For the Thunder: The Thunder are sending out a bit more than was originally reported but this is still a huge win — sending out spare parts to land a fantastic complementary offensive threat to power a deep playoff run this season. Hayward is an expiring so there is no long-term risk for the Thunder and they could even try to bring him back next season on a more reasonable deal. In the meantime, his shooting, experience and complementary playmaking should be huge assets. Even if the draft compensation ends up as a first-round pick the Thunder have more than enough to go around.


For the Hornets: Mann has struggled with efficiency and consistency but he's an electric shooter who could find a role. Bertans and Micic are both veterans they'll likely look to ship out in the offseason. If this comes with a second-round pick, it's a C. If it's a first-round pick, it's a B.

GRADE: Incomplete

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