3 Buffalo Bills players whose futures will be decided before the NFL Draft

The Buffalo Bills are coming off an up-and-down season where they finished with a chance to end the eventual Super Bowl winner's season. After yet another disappointment, there are some big decisions to make now.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
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1. Von Miller, Edge

The Von Miller situation is obviously complicated. Even a post-June 1 cut would keep $17 million on the books for him. A trade is much easier on the Bills' financial situation, but Miller got himself in legal trouble this season. An arrest warrant was issued against him in Dallas during the Bills bye week. Reports say it was tied to an alleged assault against his pregnant girlfriend.

And here is where this gets really straight forward. If the NFL finds reason to suspend Miller for violating the terms of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy, the guarantees in his contract are terminated. That means the Bills could drop Miller with very little consequence.

Hopefully, the Bills know more about the situation by the draft. Miller was awful in 2023, recording zero sacks. Prior to last season, he's had less than eight once in an injury-riddled 2013 when he still had five in nine games.

It's clear the Bills would want out of this terrible contract they signed after Miller won his second Super Bowl in 2021. Miller was going to be the star that put them over the top, but instead, he's tanked their salary cap at a time when they desperately need upgrades. The legal process and NFL investigative process need to play out, but for now, clarity might be on its way.