3 Dallas Cowboys to blame after embarrassing Week 15 loss to Bills

There's plenty of blame to go around after the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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The Dallas Cowboys clinched a playoff berth before they even played on Sunday thanks to losses by the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers. Ironically enough, they performed like a team that had nothing to play for in Orchard Park.

The Cowboys defense didn't give them a chance, and the offense failed to move the ball consistently throughout. Dak Prescott looked borderline inept, and Dallas fans have to wonder if this is the Prescott they will receive once again when the games matter more. While Sunday's loss at Buffalo doesn't cost the Cowboys a ton in the standings, they are now even more unlikely to catch the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East, who have a favorable schedule in comparison to Dallas, as FanSided's Luke Norris pointed out this weekend:

"While both teams now own identical 10-3 records, it's the Cowboys who find themselves in first place. However, if both teams win out, which will be far easier for Philadelphia to do than Dallas, the Eagles would win the NFC East for the second straight season," Norris wrote.

Now, with Dallas falling to a talented Bills team on Sunday, there is little doubt that the Eagles hold the edge. The Cowboys will make the postseason as an NFC Wild Card team, but if they aren't careful one loss could turn into several given their schedule to end the year.

3. Dallas Cowboys to blame: Dan Quinn, where were you?

Dan Quinn is one of the top assistants in professional football. Since his arrival, the Cowboys have reinvented their defensive scheme, and are a pass-rushing force. Add in their ball-hawking cornerbacks and Micah Parsons, and it's easy to see why opponents would rather not face Dallas come the postseason.

However, the Bills took advantage of Quinn's aggressive defense this week, and may have provided a blueprint of how to beat Quinn's scheme. Parsons, the centerpiece of the Dallas pass rush, was held without a sack and recorded just two tackles. Buffalo made him the focus of their offensive playbook this week, and Parsons was frequently met with doubles and plays run in the opposite direction of wherever he was lined up on the field.

James Cook...cooked this week, recording over 200 yards of total offense. Josh Allen looked as dangerous as ever, reminding us why the Bills were considered Super Bowl contenders out of the AFC to start the year. Quinn and Co. had no answers.